Welcome to Kinship Face in the Wild (KinFaceW), a database of face images collected for studying the problem of kinship verification from unconstrained face images. There are many potential applications for kinship verification such as family album organization, genealogical research, missing family members search, and social media analysis.

The aim of kinship verification is to determine whether there is a kin relation between a pair of given face images. The kinship is defined as a relationship between two persons who are biologically related with overlapping genes. Hence, there are four representative types of kin relations: Father-Son (F-S), Father-Daughter (F-D), Mother-Son (M-S) and Mother-Daughter (M-D), respectively.


Feb-10-2016: The original images of the KinFaceW are provided upon request, please email us.

Feb-10-2016: The papers that used the KinFaceW for the kinship verification research have been updated, and more will be updated soon.

Jan-24-2015: The FG 2015 kinship verification in the wild evaluation results are updated.

Dec-09-2014: The codes of NRML and MNRML are released here.

Sep-24-2014: The FG 2015 organizers have granted evaluations more time and now final results for this evaluation are due November 14. Additional participants are still welcome.

Sep-24-2014: The detailed information of The Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation can be found here, which is organized as part of FG2015. The new schedule of this evaluation is updated.

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