We provide two kinship datasets: KinFaceW-I and KinFaceW-II. Face images are collected from the internet, including some public figure face images as well as their parents' or children's face images. Face images are captured under uncontrolled environments in two datasets with no restriction in terms of pose, lighting, background, expression, age, ethnicity, and partial occlusion. The difference of KinFaceW-I and KinFaceW-II is that face images with a kin relation were acquired from different photos in KinFaceW-I and the same photo in KinFaceW-II in most cases.

There are four kin relations in two datasets: Father-Son (F-S), Father-Daughter (F-D), Mother-Son (M-S), and Mother-Daughter (M-D). In the KinFaceW-I dataset, there are 156, 134, 116, and 127 pairs of kinship images for these four relations. For the KinFaceW-II dataset, each relation contains 250 pairs of kinship images. For ease of use, we manually labeled the coordinates of the eyes position of each face image, and aligned and cropped facial region into 64x64 to remove background. The following figures show some cropped face images from KinFaceW-I and KinFaceW-II datasets, respectively.

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